Stainless Steel

Upon request in Aisi 304, 316L and in other kinds.  

The combination between the use of special steels such as stainless steel and the specific technical knowledge, the result of decades of experience in the industry, combined with modern production facilities, make the Fabris' grating a product of incomparable quality.

AISI 304 - AISI 316 L

The production of the gratings is normally made ​​of stainless steel AISI 304.

For applications exposed to particularly aggressive substances is used stainless steel AISI 316 L.

The practicality and adaptability of grating panels are particularly appreciated by manufacturers of industrial kitchens, catering plants, food, wine and in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

They are essential for all environments where hygiene is the main requirement.

The finishing of the stainless steel grating panels includes the surface treatments of opaque chemical pickling and polishing to obtain a more aesthetically and long lasting product.



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