On the following tabs are listed the fastening and anti-theft systems suitable to apply to panels in forge-welded or press-locked grating.

Accessory in hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel, allows you to stably set the grating panels to a support or a beam. The upper bracket makes the anchor suitable for fixing of gratings with bearing bars spacing of 11, 22, 25, 33, 30 and 34 mm. The universal lower bracket, is equipped with a slit that allows a maximum adaptability to the most varied docking situations.

Fastening system for grating walkways, consisting of a threaded stud and a flange, fully galvanized and upon request also available in stainless steel. Valid only for gratings with bearing bar of H= 25 and/or 30mm. Easy to install and remove, ensures a secure seal for dynamic loads and its gasket ensures a flexible grip.

It's a practical and extremely functional coupling. By acting on the bolt the two brackets that compose it are placed in traction, so as to securely clamp two panels without the use of any nut.

Available for grids with bearing bar thickness of: 2, 3, 4, 5 mm


The patented anti-theft kit consists of an anchor chain, specifically designed for removable basement window wells, it effectively solves anchor problems of the gratings. The upper screw hooks up two bars of the grating and the strong chain is fixed to the wall with the dowel in the concrete of the basement window well, so as to allow the decoupling of the grid only from the inside. They are normally requires two anti-theft devices for each grid.

Particularly effective against break-ins and generally required for basement windows well of residential buildings, the anti-theft system "Block" is composed of a perforated plate welded on the bottom of the grating to be bolt to a corresponding one welded to the frame. The grating will be only opened from the inside.



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