Fields of application

Residential & Industrial Construction

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The two leaves swing gates are equipped with semi-permanent leaf with latch on the ground and one leaf with manual lock.

Upon request are fabricated and arranged with motorization to the arms or buried.

The structure of Fabris gates is entirely made of steel pipes of different sections, suitably selected depending on the size of the gates themselves.

Internally different types of paneling are applied: from the wide mesh grating, eventually chosen to give continuity to the installed fence on the external walls, to a thick mesh grating with 132x11 mesh, up to a perforated or full metal sheet panel.

The custom gates are always subjected to a hot-dip galvanizing treatment that guarantees quality and durability.

Cancello carraio EASY

Custom two leaves swing gate, basic structure in tube 80x40x3, frame and pillars of 40x40x3, perforated metal sheet panels, wall brackets, fully hot dip galvanized and RAL powder coated.