Fields of application

Residential & Industrial Construction

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Upon completion of all fences that require openings to allow the transit of vehicles or pedestrians, Fabris realizes gates models with one leaf, two leaves or sliding. Their construction, which preserves the handcrafted and design criteria of robustness, is the result of an accurate technical drawing and the use of high quality materials to ensure functionality and durability of the gates.

Available in different RAL colors, the powder coating is carried out only on the previously galvanized panels. Upon request it will be considered the feasibility of realize such powder coating even on the structure.


The structure of Fabris custom gates is entirely made of steel pipes of different sections, suitably selected depending on the size of the gates themselves.

Internally have applied different types of panels: the wide mesh grating, possibly chosen to give continuity to the installed fence on the external walls, to the dense grating with 132x11 mesh, up to a perforated or full metal sheet. The custom gates are always subjected to the treatment of hot dip galvanizing that guarantees quality and durability.


  • The opening direction considering the internal view from right to left (A) or left to right (B)
  • Height (H) of the leaf
  • Width (L) of the span between the walls
  • Distance of the guide (G) to be specified only if the guide is already in place


It can be supplied as a predisposition for the motorization of the sliding gate is made of drawn steel.

Is secured to the tubular base with stainless steel bolts M8x60 and stainless steel spacers of 27mm. The serration with a pitch of 30x12 is facing downwards, and therefore suitable for the majority of existing engines in commerce.



The correct positioning of the guide rack in "U" inverted profile is decisive for the optimal and long-lasting operation of each sliding gate on grooved round wheels.

Respecting the distance of 120 mm between the pillar and the center distance of the guide, as shown in the aside diagram, the assembly will become simpler and easier.




Custom sliding gate, basic structure in rectangular tube 180x60x3, frame and pillars in tube 80x80x3, wall brackets, paneling mesh 132x11, bearing bar 25x2 cross bar 10x2, fuly hot dip galvanized and complete of CE mark.

Sliding gate with guide rack complete of paneling in full metal sheet alternating with vertical tubes, fully hot dip galvanized.

Sliding gate with guide rack complete of paneling in press-locked grating, mesh 132x11 mm, fully hot dip galvanized.