Officine Fabris


Officine Fabris born in 1930 as a firm of metalworkers, constructors of tools for agriculture, windows and light metallic carpentry. Afterwards, they began to create prototypes of equal dept crossed pressed grating. As The product had a great demand, the company began to automate the production as much as possible. In the '70s, with the intent to improve the grating they thought about the possibility to lighten it while maintaining the same loading characteristics, so Officine Fabris were among the first in Italy to produce the classic and current grating formed by punched bearing bars and smaller pressure inserted cross bars.

The company is currently able to offer any kind of press-locked grating. The combination of the use of materials such as: stainless steel, aluminum, brass or iron and the specific technical knowledge, consolidated by decades of experience in this field, make the Fabris grating an incomparable high quality product.